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Webinar Recap: Supercharge Your Communications with Social Media 

This is a guest post by Nick Wright, an Account Coordinator at LKPR, Inc.
Supercharge Your Communications with Social Media was an online webinar that took place on ‘Web Wednesday’ of Communications Week. As busy as we are in the PR and comms industries, these online events were a great way to listen in and get some great information while staying busy in the office.

The webinar was hosted by NOVA Communications with speakers Jennifer Donovan, CEO of Nova Communications, and special guest speaker, Leta Soza, PR Engineer at AirPR.

The first topic was on leveraging social media to make the most out of your PR strategies. This included increasing the amount of times that you push out content on social media, amplifying those messages, and giving access to more information on your social channels. These techniques open doors to wider audiences, create greater awareness, and help to identify brand ambassadors.

Another big component of success via social media is through whom you’re marketing to and how you’re marketing that content. Whether it’s for PR, sales, marketing or HR, you need to listen to ideas and have a target audience. Once this is complete, Jennifer and Leta said the next steps in your campaign can be carried out.

The next step in supercharging your social media is in knowing your followers. Who is following you? Why? What do they want? Are they helping spread your message? These are all things that need to be taken into consideration. More than just marketing yourself correctly, you have to know whom you’re marketing to and how you can expand. Jennifer and Leta also shared several different campaign slogan examples, including one of a space ship, which was titled, “Click Here to Launch!” Once clicked, it took you straight to their website. Very cool ideas like this go a long way and are interactive for the audience.

Jennifer and Leta then led us through the steps of creating content, who to follow and how to monitor. Leta gave great examples of using hashtags and trending topics to create good conversations and to monitor daily news based on what content you are tracking. Besides doing a standard Google search or setting up an alert, searching through social media can be just as effective. She said that whenever she comes across something she’s interested in, she makes notes and saves that particular topic in a Google document so she can go back and reflect on it later or talk about it on social media to see what her network has to say about it. It was interesting to see how she monitors topics and coverage and how to approach those types of things in the future.

The webinar concluded with benchmarks for social media and how to launch a social media campaign. Jennifer talked about how to bolster your visual appearance on social media and build relationships with followers and people following the same content as you.

Being genuine, creative and original are key factors to succeed with social media. When being creative always make sure to have an emotional connection, be meaningful, share content that you care about and create relationships.