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Recap: #MuckedUp Breakfast with MuckRack and HuffPost

This is a guest post from Lauren Lorenzo, Account Executive for LKPR, Inc.

You work in the communications industry, so of course you’re stressed much of the time. You’re compulsively checking emails, trying to craft the next great message/tweet/post/press release, or just reaching for the bottom of that never ending to-do list, all while keeping a composed, dignified look about you. Yes, for the most part, we’re all like that and can commiserate with one another on the situation. As discussed in the Communications Week #MuckedUp Breakfast with The Huffington Post, however, we heard that stress should not be the norm, and we need to find balance.

Natan Edelsburg, SVP of MuckRack, spoke with The Huffington Post’s Jordan Jayson, VP of Brand Strategy and Development, and Lindsay Holmes, Associate Editor at GPS for the Soul for The Huffington Post, to learn ways they de-stress and force themselves to not work 24/7. Jordan and Lindsay both suggested working hard and showing that you’re a team player during office hours but trying to leave work at the office by not responding to emails after you leave (unless urgent). “I think it’s important to set that precedent. We need to create boundaries that we’ve lost with technology,” added Jayson.

With new technology came an evolution in the working world from a 9-6 atmosphere, to one where we’re always expected to “be on.” While there are benefits to being able to work outside the physical office, it can be tough to become overwhelmed and not be able to find that hard-stop in your day. It’s important to combat those feeling with de-stressing methods, keeping in mind that what works for one person may not work for another – you need to find what works for you. When Lindsay feels she’s hitting her max stress level, she finds a moment to do breathing exercises. Jordan finds comfort in saying no, which is something many of us struggle with, but she emphasized that we need to learn our limits.

Companies are taking note of the changes in work/life balance and are working with employees to implement programs for well-being. The Huffington Post, for example, provides nap pods and suggests “Thrive Challenges” for employees to get away from their desks and spend more time getting to know those in the cubicles around them. They want employees to leave the office feeling like they had a successful day at work.  

Holmes ended by saying, “If I’m calm and can go home feeling satisfied, then I consider the day a success.” 

Jordan closed the breakfast with her words of advice, “It’s ok to think about work at home but not things that stress you out. Figure out your coping methods and practice resilience,” said Jayson. 

The panel overall provided smart tips for being your best self at work, being part of a team, and balancing the many challenges and opportunities we face in the communications and media industries.  And a morning coffee fix never hurt either!