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Leading by example, award-winning video podcast producer B. L. Ochman moderated a panel discussion on a new live streaming platform called Blab examining the “The Video Communications Revolution.” Panelists discussed the many elements of video marketing and what it takes to create a successful video.

For example, the time component. What is the ideal length of a video?

“It can be a second or it can be ten hours,” commented Ian Chee, Chief Strategy Officer for creative and technology agency MRY. “However long it takes to say what you want to say in a compelling way.”

And while panelists agreed that there’s no magic formula for creating successful videos and that brands need to start the process by figuring out the stories they’re trying to convey, there was consensus around the fact that videos with a shock value are usually more successful than those that don’t take risks.

“Risk is hard,” said Bethany Simpson, Director of Partnerships & Brand Development, ad:tech and iMedia Connection. Yet, as B. L. pointed out, we’re seeing brands take more risks in their videos and gaining success like Cheerios in embracing gay families and Dove taking on women’s self-image.

Another element that was talked about as contributing to video success was interactivity and engagement. Hillel Scheinfeld, COO of video engagement platform Viewbix, discussed that brands need to focus on how engaged viewers are with their videos. By implementing elements of engagement in videos, Hillel explains that Viewbix is seeing brands “literally cut their cost of acquisition in half.”

The conversation went full circle when the question of whether you would recommend a platform like Blab to a brand came up. Do you wait until it becomes more established or get in quick on the ground floor?

“You go where the people are,” commented Bethany. “If you see spikes happening, be there. Try to get out ahead.”

This is a guest post by Gina Preoteasa. Gina is an expert on all things ad tech, including video communications, and works with Kite Hill PR client, Viewbix.