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2016 Predictions: makovsky's denise vitola on why fast is not fast enough

Over the next few weeks, we'll be highlighting some of the most exciting communications, media and pubic relations trends for 2016.

Today's PR insider is Denise Vitola, managing director, Makovsky, an integrated communications firm. She is one of PR News’ Top Women in PR for 2015. Read on for her top predictions for 2016. 

Fast is Not Fast Enough 

"With more and more start-ups entering the business world, the communications landscape is rapidly evolving. To keep up, often being nimble and fast is just not enough, PR agencies need to start looking at themselves as start-ups and adapt a start-up mentality. Specifically, abandoning the norm and embracing change. The things that make us feel uncomfortable, will be the things that we need to do. We need to follow our intuition and lead with ambiguity."

Innovation is the New Digital 

"While a short time ago, social, digital and mobile where the buzz words around all PR agencies, they have become table stakes. The new buzzword is innovation. Why? Our clients need to innovate for consumer demand. We, as good stewards of client business, need to help our clients innovate. That means, we need to develop tools and tricks that advance the age of innovation."

Sharing Platforms 

"In another few years, the workforce will look a lot different. Namely, we won’t be worried about millennials as much anymore. We will shift focus to think about Gen Z. Right now, the oldest Gen Z is 19, which means they are close to working age. What that means for agencies is that they will need to adjust the way they interact with employees. Namely, there will be a greater use for shared platforms like Google Docs, Employee Forums, Social Intranets and Instant Messaging. I would not be surprised if one day soon we move away from email to something more advanced. You are seeing glimmers of this with networks like Dynamic Signal."

Customers as Marketers 

"Social enables the customer to have a voice. We’ve been seeing this more and more with customer service and engagement. However, there will soon be a shift where customers are the ones creating marketing campaigns. Through social platforms and online analytics, we know more than ever what customers want. We know this by their behaviors online, but moreover, they are out there telling us. Marketers will begin embracing these voices to be the creators of the marketing programs that reach them."

Metrics are King and Queen 

"Metrics have long been a top-of-mind conversation. It is not going away. In fact, the need is greater. However, there is good news. There are more ways to get analytics and data to evaluate PR. There will be a moment in time where brands move away from impressions and placements to delve deeper into insights that move the sales needle, evaluate consumer sentiment and behaviors, brand perception, more quality of message penetration, viability and engagement.  I believe these are things that can help evaluate PR in a new and better way, ultimately putting PR at the same level of its marketing partners."