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Buzzwords. Clichés. Jargon.

As professional communicators, we usually try to avoid overused terminology.  Sometimes, though, a word or phrase – even if it’s been used a bit too frequently to market a business, product or service – still conveys the perfect message.  

That’s how we feel about “INNOVATION.”   Buzzword or not, this notable term represents new ideas and better solutions to problems.  That’s a concept we support.  So, we made it our theme for Communications Week 2015.

From October 20-23, 2015, members of the communications, public relations and media industries are encouraged to come together in New York City and online to explore Innovation in Communications. 

Here’s what you can expect:

  • We’ll facilitate conversations with industry leaders from Business Wire, Bitly and Alley Watch, HD | MADE, PulsePoint, TechDay and other fantastic brands and organizations.
  • We’ll explore influencing factors that are impacting communications: from content marketing to emoji communications, social media to virtual reality, external drivers such as politics and global markets, and more.
  • And we’ll take a look at the movers and shakers that are pushing the innovation envelope in communications industries. 

First job or senior post … in house or agency … B2B or B2C.  Feel free to join the dialogue or simply listen.  You’ll walk away with new information, new insights, and new connections that will give you an edge – personally and professionally.  There’s something for everyone during Communications Week.  We promise.

For more information, check out our all new website and the press release that we published today on Business Wire.   Communications Week is powered by Business Wire, our 2015 Title Sponsor.