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Meet the Team

September 2, 2015

Last weekend we saw a preview for The Intern, a new movie about two colleagues from very different backgrounds who find they can learn (a lot) from one another. 

That’s the same premise we had in mind for Communications Week.  We created a forum that brings together individuals who have made ‘communicating’ a career.  From intern to seasoned pro, CommsWeek participants have conversations, share perspectives, make connections, and learn from one another. 

 Over the next few weeks you’ll be hearing more about the sessions and the speakers who will be helping us explore this year’s theme, Innovation in Communications. In this post, however, we want to introduce you to the team that’s working behind the scenes to make Communications Week 2015 possible:  


CommsWeek is the brainchild of Tiffany Guarnaccia, who also founded and leads Kite Hill PR, a boutique communications consultancy specializing in the tech, advertising, media, and marketing sectors. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Tiffany held in house positions at The Huffington Post, eMusic and LimeWire, and worked as an agency publicist.


Stephanie Tackach is an account director at Kite Hill PR and a member of the inaugural Communications Week planning team.  Stephanie’s experience includes the large corporate communications team at Yahoo! and smaller corporate communications work at a digital agency.  She’s working hard to make CommsWeek 2015 ‘bigger and better’ than Year One!


The newest member of the Kite Hill PR team, Alexandra Huber joined the staff this summer as an account manager specializing in B2B and B2C technology.  Alex moved to The Big Apple from The Windy City where she had worked in house at two of Chicago’s most well-known startups; her NYC experience started at The Huffington Post.


Kara O'Donnell joined the Kite Hill PR team in the spring of 2015 as a PR associate working across advertising and technology accounts.  A recent graduate of Penn State University, she is thrilled to be learning – and loving – the world of public relations and looking forward to her first Communications Week! 


In our next post, we’ll introduce you to our partner organizations!