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‘Think Like an Entrepreneur or Get Left Behind’ - New York Women in Communications Kicks off #CommsWeek16

Post by Kara O'Donnell, Account Executive, Kite Hill PR

New York Women in Communications (NYWICI) helped kick off #CommsWeekNY on Monday evening, hosting Cocktails & Conversations ‘Think Like an Entrepreneur - or Get Left Behind’ at Refinery29’s office. Panelists included communications rockstars Jeannine Shao Collins, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Girl Starter, Maggie Murphy, Editorial Content Director at Texture, Mistrella Murphy, Communications and Media Relations Consultant and Maria Otero, Founder and President at Women’s Venture Fund.

In a session moderated by Rachel Sklar, Founder/CEO of The, panelists spoke about how they define entrepreneurism and the differences between men and women entrepreneurs. Panelists also addressed what it truly means to embrace one’s entrepreneurial spirit in pursuit of personal and professional success.

A universal takeaway was the importance of women acting and thinking like an entrepreneur from the start of their careers, including the need to grow a personal network as well as continually setting new objectives. Maggie Murphy explained, “From day one of your career, you’re an entrepreneur in your own career.” Mistrella Murphy said that, for her, the most important factor of becoming an entrepreneur was “believing in what (she) was doing.”

Panelists discussed how entrepreneurism is often sparked by personal goals and the urge to solve problems and address issues important to the individual in question. Jeannine Shao Collins shared that she really believes “the journey of entrepreneurship is a personal one, and addressing the problem you are trying to solve.” Maria Otero also chimed in, explaining the importance of taking a step back, and asking yourself what you truly want to achieve.

By sharing both personal experiences as well as advice and takeaways from the industry, the panelists helped define the many layers of entrepreneurism and what it takes to be successful as a woman entrepreneur. “This is a marathon, not a sprint,” Maggie Murphy explained to the audience in relation to the path to entrepreneurship. Jeannine Shao Collins added, “Entrepreneurism is related to risk, and what you are willing to leave on the line.” Maria Otero assured the audience “You can take steps towards entrepreneurship. If you have a misstep, you can take a new path.”