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Technology Is at the Heart of PR's Reinvention, explains BizWireTV TV Host at #CommsWeek16

Post by Tom Kirkham, International Account Director, Kite Hill PR

This morning at NYC's Civic Hall we’ve been focusing on our main theme for Communications Week 2017, “Reinventing The Industry."

So let's start by covering off the basics... why exactly does our industry need reinventing?

Well, it’s about the pace of change, particularly driven by the impact of technology, which continues to redefine how both consumers and businesses engage with the world around them – look at AI, wearables and VR as case in point.

These technologies are changing the way brands reach out to their followers, creating exciting opportunities for a new level of engagement, but creating a raft of communications challenges as they try to get up-to-speed with these new environments and ecosystems.  Our event today has addressed how we as communications professionals need to rise to the challenge and guide brands into this brave new world.

Anyway, after a quick round of coffee and networking, BizWireTV host Erin Ade kicked off the event. Ade spends her time tracking the hottest startups, disruptors and innovators in the business world – from Washington to Wall Street – as well as broadcasting from the Nasdaq on CNN’s Money Matters.

She got straight to the point on the issue of reinvention. “One of the things I see around reinvention is you need to grow - it’s not easy, no one likes change. Why change? Because you’ll die if you don’t."

Ade then touched on the importance of following your audience rather than expecting them to continually come to you. “We have so many avenues - mobile, social, TV - for reaching your audience. You need to work out where they are and what's appropriate for them content-wise.”

She elaborated on this point by talking specifically about her work with BizWireTV, explaining that, “We’ve been taking what was a traditional business and turning it into something completely new - using platforms that didn’t even exist as recently as 10 years ago.”

This idea sits at the heart of Communications Week 2016 - that we cannot fully anticipate what's around the corner given the rate of technological change; indeed, at Communications Week 2017 we could be talking about platforms that are today totally unheard of.

However, Ade concluded her session with some words of comfort for anyone feeling overwhelmed by the pace that things are moving at - namely, that content is still king in the world of communications. “You do have so many avenues to navigate, but the cream always rises - if you have good content, you can succeed.”