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The Content Council Kicks Off #CommsWeekNY 2017

Post by Moira Shannon, Kite Hill PR Account Associate

The Content Council helped kick off #CommsWeekNY today with the webinar “Authenticity & Transparency in Content Marketing” with esteemed panelists including David Beebe, Emmy-winning Producer and Brand Storyteller, Julie Hochheiser Ilkovish, Managing Partner and President of Editorial Operations at Masthead Media Company and Deborah Kirk, Editorial Director at Diablo Publications.

Moderated by Lori Greene, Founder of LPG Enterprises, panelists discussed how they define transparency and the importance of authenticity in content marketing today. As Beebe put it, “There’s no other option than actually representing your brand as it is.”

Each panelist offered their own insights into how brands can develop value-driven content, as well as addressing the greatest challenges that content marketers currently face. A universal takeaway was the importance of content marketers strategizing before executing. Hochheiser Ilkovish started the conversation with the thought that, “You shouldn’t create content until you create your strategy.” Furthermore, reaching consumers in this age of fake news means creating content that they will want to consume no matter what. As Kirk added, today’s consumers have their “antennas” up so it’s important now more than ever to gain their trust.

Diving into some of the other challenges facing content marketers, Kirk described the race to get ahead in new technologies as a “blizzard of people trying to do everything they can.” Often this leads to negative results for brands, getting involved in conversations they shouldn’t be. instead of focusing on what’s trending or creating off-brand content just because it’s relevant, Kirk stressed the importance of sticking to what’s effective for your brand and constantly building strategies around it. Hochheiser Ilkovish agreed saying, “Putting the work behind the content marketing is the biggest challenge, but it must happen for success.”

With these challenges, come opportunities. Beebe left listeners with the idea of “publishing at the speed of culture.” The best way to stay true to your brand and connect with consumers? Be present in the moment and stay involved in conversations that are relevant to you and your brand.

The week continues with more discussions around the importance of remaining authentic and transparent in communications. Continue the conversations using #CommsWeekNY and #TruthinComms and follow along with @CommsWeekNY.