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Global Women in PR's First Annual Index has Revealed Some Concerning Statistics for Women Working in the Communications Industry

Guest post by GWPR

We showed these stats to Melissa Waggener Zorkin, Global Founder and CEO of WE Communications and these are her thoughts on the issues facing women working in Comms today… 

It’s unacceptable that men are far more likely to have a seat at the boardroom table, that 60% of women feel they can’t ask for a promotion, and that 37% of men are more likely than women to get a performance bonus. We simply cannot wait for the industry to catch up. Instead, we must identify where we can make the most immediate impact. And ensure each employee can play a role in shaping a better path forward. It’s our job as leaders to make sure that happens. 

 For me, that has meant ensuring gender equity at the leadership level and across the company. WE’s staff is 72% women and its leadership team is 50% female, and it’s still not enough. We also stand committed to creating an inclusive workplace, where everyone is celebrated and respected. With the right actions, we can move the needle of true change. Actions such as investing and prioritizing employee resource groups for diversity and inclusion, which help nurture connections and build greater awareness. Actions that hold us accountable to larger industry barometers, such as the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index.

 Our 2019 Brands in Motion global study found that brands must build a relationship with consumers based on mutual respect. The workplace is no different — to succeed as a company, it takes creating a culture of mutual respect for everyone within it. 

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