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The Value of Content Marketing Today

Guest Post By Konsta Papakonstantinou, Founder, Board Studios Inc.

Video content marketing – posting weekly videos solving top-of-mind challenges for your audience – is one of the best ways to connect authentically with clients, get free coverage, and develop powerful channel partnerships.

Why don’t companies leverage the power of video?

It’s not surprising that only a tiny fraction of companies leverage the power of video since traditionally it is:

  • Too expensive to produce & promote

  • Requires new skills that most marketing teams don’t have

  • It is a pain to execute (who wants to get in front of the camera every week, script content, optimize, and promote?)

But all of that is actually good news! Video is still a great white-space opportunity.

The bad news is that you can’t wait. You need to understand video content marketing, and you have to start learning it now. Here’s why:

  • Content is getting consumed increasingly on mobile devices. The result is fewer people are reading content and instead, watching videos. The best way to connect with them is through video – period.

  • It’s increasingly difficult to rank on organic or unpaid search results with your regular content marketing initiatives. This means your spending more with diminishing returns. Video content can help you leapfrog the competition because it has a much higher chance of gaining exposure, going viral, or ranking on the front page of Google.

  • If you fall behind, it becomes exponentially difficult to catch up because ranking algorithms work on a cumulative basis. For example, one of the key metrics YouTube uses to rank your videos is based on your channel’s total watch time. This enables a first-mover advantage because that videos get “preferential treatment” by the algorithms.

Video content marketing is your next big opportunity

All of the information above suggest large opportunities for companies that are able to master video content marketing. Building a successful YouTube channel can be a long-term competitive advantage that can’t be copied easily. Repurposing these video assets on LinkedIn can connect you with channel partners that generate high-value referral opportunities.

Imagine being the only one who can generate organic traffic while your competitors  are forced to rely on expensive pay-per-click ads and other content campaigns.

How to win with video content marketing

The only way to win the video content wars is by changing your mindset in order to figure out cost-effective and streamlined ways to produce video… and lots of it.

You need:

  • Quality content so your audience will engage and algorithms will promote your content

  • Optimized thumbnails, titles, and descriptions to make the algorithms’ jobs easier which enables them to rank you properly

  • Production value good-enough so that your videos are not painful to watch

The key phrase here being good enough. Don’t shoot for the stars or delay because you want a bigger budget. Get started now so you don’t fall behind. Keep testing and improving. Justify a bigger budget, and upgrade as you go along.

Don’t start perfect… become perfect (over time).