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PR Council Webinar: Using Data & Analytics to Demonstrate Comms Value

"Get me in (or out) of the news” may have been justifiable reasoning for the value that PR and comms bring to a brand or organization 20+ years ago but times have changed!

As communicators, we are expected to demonstrate the measurable business impact we bring through our craft and the investment we receive. This is a tough challenge for media relations and classic PR alone and an even greater one when you factor the full spectrum of earned-centric marketing capabilities (e.g. content development, social media strategy and activation, influencers engagement…and more!).

Fortunately, our industry is evolving fast and with the right data and analytics frameworks & tools, communicators are getting closer to showing the true value they bring- and in turn- getting a greater seat at the table. The journey is still long, but we are progressing rapidly and with a clear goal in mind: delivering great work, enforcing its value and getting the credit it deserves.

Webinar attendees will take away:

  • Examples/use cases of how agency leaders have used data/analytics to build trust/transparency with clients

  • Creative ideas/approaches to delivering impactful campaigns through data

  • Where value starts – steps to securing PR’s “seat at the table”

Panelists include:

  • Steve Bauer, Senior Vice President & Partner at FleishmanHillard

  • Christa Conte, SVP, Head of Digital Commerce, Hotwire

  • Antoine Harary, Global Managing Director at Edelman Intelligence

  • Chuck Hemann, Managing Director, Analytics / Head of Digital Analytics at W2O Group