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NYC is ready to discuss Value - are you?

We’ll be kicking off Communications Week by directly addressing our 2019 theme of Value in New York on October 15. 

Through multiple sessions with industry leaders, attendees will be provided with expert perspectives on how the value of PR, media and marketing is impacting our industry, and how to stay ahead of the curve in 2020. We’ll be asking the important questions: How can you boost your brand with PR? What can we learn from today’s leading DTC brands? 

These sessions will cover a range of valuable topics including:

  • How PR Aligns with Sales in the Modern Marketing Mix

  • The Value of Experiences in a Digital World

  • How Non-Traditional Content is Moving the Needle for Media Companies

You don’t want to miss out on our all-start line-up of industry professionals leading the conversation. You’ll be sure to walk away with valuable knowledge at your fingertips! Reserve your spot today.

Be sure to stay connected for more exciting updates on additional locations, speakers and more. If you’re interested in getting involved as a speaker or sponsor, contact us at

Communications Week 2019 Theme Announced: VALUE!

Communications Week 2019 is returning to New York, London and Hamburg October 14-18, 2019. This year’s conference will take on VALUE in PR, marketing and media.

Now, more than ever, the PR, media and marketing industries are being called into question by key stakeholders. The value of each practice has been challenged over time and as we head towards 2020, a new approach is expected. As a result of increasing pressure and marketplace demand, we need to prove the value of our work in new ways.

At Communications Week 2019, we'll bring together the biggest movers and shakers within these industries. We'll dive deeper into topics that help to prove value in today's PR, media and marketing roles including:

  • New PR metrics

  • Measurement solutions

  • Data-driven thinking   

  • Integrated marketing

  • Value-centric case studies

Join us from October 14-18, 2019 in New York, London and Hamburg to discuss these topics and more, and look out for more details coming soon, including speaker and venue announcements.

Be sure to stay connected for more exciting updates on additional locations, speakers and more. If you’re interested in getting involved as a speaker or sponsor, contact us at

Interested in speaking?

This year’s speaking selections will be invite-only. You can suggest a speaker or session directly by emailing

Interested in sponsoring?

There are multiple sponsorship opportunities created to help you engage directly with and provide value to the Communications Week audience. Email for our sponsorship packages.

International Women’s Day 2019

While we should celebrate women everyday, International Women’s Day gives us the opportunity to reflect on where we’ve been, think about how we can continue to empower women today, and pave the way for women in the future. This year’s International Women’s Day comes at a time when women are pushing for change and equality through policy, regulations and societal movements. Women have come so far, but there is still work to be done. Now is the time to drive more action and conversations to ensure we reach a balanced future.

International Women’s Day was created to celebrate "the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women." #BalanceBetter is the hashtag dominating this year’s celebration, highlighting the push for a gender balanced society and eliminating bias on all fronts.

In order to continually move forward, it’s important to remember the extraordinary female leaders who have pushed for a balanced world, in both our professional and personal lives. As women who work in the media world, we look to women like Eleanor Roosevelt, who was the first to use the media, along with her status and platform, to promote social causes, and Dorothy Thompson, who impacted journalism by being one of the first women journalists to travel abroad. We also look to the women we’re working alongside of everyday, recognizing the work we’re all doing to move forward in the world.

As women continue to advance in their careers and all aspects of their lives, we’ll continue to see positive impacts in the media industry and business world overall. Everyday is a celebration of women and it’s a pivotal time to recognize the progress we’ve made and the progress to come.